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Professor Dr. Christopher Lim is one of the renowned swiftlet farmers in the world. He currently holds the record of having the second fastest swiftlet farm bird's nests growth rate in Malaysia.

What is more remarkable is the fact that Professor Dr.Lim is a full time Professor of Medicine and kidney disease, Senior Consultant Physician at various reputable institutions and hospitals in Malaysia. He is also the Head of Kidney Disease Unit and Professor in Medicine in one of the reputable public universities in Malaysia. In other words, he does this business in his spare time as a hobby! Equally amazing is that his unique ability to self designed, built and managed his farms at a time he was not even residing in Malaysia! Currently he spend less than one percent of his time in managing his farm (including nests harvesting !)

Professor Dr. Lim is also a pioneer in building stand alone farms on agriculture lands in Malaysia. He started his research in stand alone farms and was convinced that stand alone farms are economically viable venture. He did this amidst old belief that farms must be inside city or town areas. Needless to say, years down the road, Dr. Lim is proven right.

Professor Dr. Lim is certainly a well respected figure in the field of swiftlet farming. He is a much sought after speaker in both local and international swiftlet farming workshops. Over the years, he has assisted a lot of people in owning their dream farms and becoming millionaires farmers.







Being recognized and accredited as a fully trained kidney specialist in Malaysia and Singapore, Professor Dr. Lim has been invited by the National and  private TV and radio stations to educate the public about the importance of looking after their kidneys and their health.

The response from the listeners was so great the the talk show lasted for one full hour ! This is one of the special gift of Dr Lim - he can always capture the audience's attention and impart all the knowledges.

Remember a Millionaire Mindset can only come from a healthy body and mind .......

Due to his early ethical undergraduate and postgraduate training in reputable medical institutions, Professor Dr. Lim would always freely share all his know about swiftlet farming without any bias, reservations or hesitations. This is the reason why he has decided to share all the secrets of how to make fantasic passive returns from swiftlet farming (which was previously fiercely guarded by industry insiders) in his best selling swiftlet farming book- "Make Millions from Swiftlet Farming" in 2006, a book which has received overwhelming response from the public.

And 2 years on, there had been unceasing demands from the readers for Professor Dr. Lim to conduct swiftlet farming workshop. Unlike other industry players, Dr. Lim gives useful tips, impartial and independant advices that can save the participants ten to hundred thousand of Ringgit in the quest of owning their dream farms. The first swiftlet farming workshop was started in July 2007 with great success and until today, it is still the No. 1 swiftlet farming workshop in Malaysia.

Professor Dr. Lim's venture into bird nest farming has been so inspiring to the business community that his model of business was given an exclusive interview by the prestigous Millionaireasia Magazine and New Straits Time. See Latest News Section for more exciting information.



Click below to view the exclusive interview of Dr. Lim with the prestigious MillionaireAsia Magazine regarding the secrets of swiftlet farming industry in Malaysia

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Listen to Professor Dr. Lim in action with the exclusive interview with Patrick Michael of Business FM station 89.9.

In this interview, Dr. Lim shared his views and opinons about the current trend and development of swiftlet farming industry  in Malaysia.









Teaching and educating the next generation of young doctors is one of Professor Dr Lim's passions











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