Organic Bird Nests

These superior white nests are from the Edible nest swiftlets or Aerodramus Fuciphagus. These nests are harvested in a systematic and sustainable method to ensure that the swiftlets enjoy continuous colonial expansion. Special efforts are made during harvesting time to preserve the natural values of bird nests. All of our nests are 100% organic with no extra chemical or bleaching agents added.

Bird nests, an Oriental gastronomic delicacy is undoubtedly rich in natural proteins that none others can provide. They have been proven to provide health benefits, such as aiding digestion, raising libido, alleviating asthma and intractable cough, increasing mental alertness, and an overall benefit to the immune system.

Our bird nests contain little impurities. They can be easily clean at home using a tweezer. Due to their absolute freshness, they are ready to be served within 30 minutes of double boiling.






These processed nests are free from chemical/dye and sourced from eco friendly farms. They are processed using the unique method developed by Dr Christopher Lim's which produce only that the very best quality nests.



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