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Welcome to the world of bird's nest farming. For thousands of years, throughout the world, the nests of the birds known as the swiftlet have been in raving demands by those who covet them for their unique health benefits.

And the good news is, these birds only reside in the place we call home-southeast Asia. For all this time, only a selected few have taken advantages of this fact, earning top dollars by establishing their very own swiftlet farms to attract these special birds, who in turn build valuable nests for them.

For the first time in history, the secrets is being revealed.  With the guidance of Dr. Lim's book, you will learn the secrets of the business, and gain all the knowledge you need to start your very own swiftlet farm, and ensure it becomes a soaring success. Now this is your turn !

So whether you are a complete beginner or an existing swiftlet farmer, it is time to spread your wings and prepare to fly, because your fortune lies waiting in the skies!


How to start your own farm from a to z (complete with pictorial guide)

How to identify potential farming sites and to attract swiftlet to your farms
  The internal layout of a swiftlet farm
What are the different type of designs of swiftlet farms in Malaysia-and their pros and cons
The common mistakes of failed swiftlet farms
How to increase the quality and quantity of your bird nests
The top 7 misconceptions about swiftlet farming
The common characteristics of the swiftlets
The micro and macro habitats of swiftlets
What are the difference between farm nests and cave nests
How coud one sell his/her bird nests



-      Mahukah anda mencari perniagaan yang memerlukan hanya sedkit masa, tetapi menjanjikan pulangan lumayan yang mengalahkan pulangan pelaburan hartanah?

-       Mahukah anda diberikan peluang menjual produk yang mempunyai permintaan tinggi di seluruh dunia tetapi hanya boleh didapati di kawasan anda?

-       Mahukah anda mempelajari rahsia-rahsia perniagaan sedemikian yang sehingga kini telah dikawal ketat oleh pakar-pakar industri?


Selamat datang ke dunia perladangan sarang burung. Sejak beribu-ribu tahun, di seluruh dunia, sarang sejenis burung yang dikenali sebagai burung walet telah mendapat permintaan ramai oleh mereka yang ingin mengaut manfaat kesihatan daripadanya.

Berita baiknya adalah, burung-burung sedemikian hanya menetap di satu tempat – Asia Tenggara. Selama ini, hanya segelintir individu sahaja yang telah mengaut keuntungan daripada keadaan ini dengan menjana pendapatan lumayan melalui ladang burung walet mereka sendiri. Ladang tersebut menarik spesis burung ini, yang kemudiannya membina sarang-sarang berharga untuk mereka.

Tetapi kini adalah giliran anda. Dengan bantuan Dr. Christopher Lim, salah seorang penternak burung walet termasyhur di Malaysia, anda akan mempelajari rahsia-rahsia berharga yang akan membantu anda memulakan ladang burung walet anda sendiri, dan memastikan ia mencapai kejayaan hebat.

Sama ada anda mempunyai pengalaman di dalam industri ini atau tidak, bersedialah untuk terbang – rezeki anda sedang menunggu di langit biru!


-         Bagaimana untuk memulakan ladang anda, dari A ke Z.

-         Bagaimana untuk menarik burung walet ke ladang anda.

-         Kesilapan yang sering dilakukan oleh peladang burung walet yang gagal.

-         Ciri-ciri burung walet.

-         Bagaimana untuk meningkatkan mutu dan kuantiti sarang burung anda.

-         Tanggapan salah mengenai penternakan burung walet.

-         Fakta penting mengenai sarang burung.

-         Perbezaan di antara sarang rumah dan sarang gua.


Dan banyak lagi!





·         你会怎么做,如果有一个只需要少许时间就能带来真正盈利的投资及创业机会? 

·         你会怎么做,如果你拥有只限在本地生产但可售卖于世界性可食用产品的机会? 

·         你会怎么做,如果你可以学习并掌握这门行家们极力保卫的诀窍?  


欢迎加入养燕业。近千年来,在世界的各个角落, 那些了解燕窝营养价值的人,对燕窝都有着高庞的需求量。

    而好消息是,这些金丝燕只停驻在我们称为家的地方 东南亚。 一路来,只有少数的人了解这门投资,并拥有各自的燕屋,吸引金丝燕为他们生产燕窝, 完成他们成为百万富翁的心愿。


无论你是个初学者或是现有的燕农,是时候展翅高飞, 因为属于你的财富就隐藏在空中!现在这是你的机会!




















·         如何从AZ开创属于自己的燕屋 (有着完整的图片指导) 

·         如何鉴定有潜能的燕屋地点,并吸引金丝燕入燕屋 

·         燕屋的室内地面区划 

·         马来西亚各种燕屋设计和它们的优点与缺点 

·         失败燕屋所遇到的普遍问题 

·         如何提高燕窝的数量与品质 

·         七个最普遍对养燕业的误解 

·         金丝燕的特征 

·         金丝燕居住环境的特征 

·         山洞燕窝与燕屋燕窝的差别 

·         如何售卖自己的燕窝 



“作者已经使我信服养燕业是大马少数被证明能成为百万地主的方法之一。这本书揭发了养燕业的真实秘密 大马养燕业的先驱。在这之前,类似的资讯价值上千万令吉,只让一些可负担的人获取。藉由这一本书的出版, 我现在公开地宣布每个人都有继承马来西亚最珍贵的天然资源之一的公平机会”  


丹斯里拿督张政雄p.s.m., d.p.m.p., j.P.


What is the advantage by buying this book from this web site ?

First of all, you will be able to buy the book directly from the author and by doing so the author will get to know you personally.

Next, you will get the latest revision of the book, which is often not available in your local bookstores / online bookstores.

Most important of all, you will get the book couriered to the comfort of your home without any extra charges.

How is this book difference from others ?
  Well, in fact there is no other hard copy swiftlet farming book in the market at present. But this is no means that Dr Lim compromised the quality of the book.

Being a full time senior medical lecturer and consultant kidney specialist, Dr Lim shares his vast knowledge in swiftlet farming which is in fact is a hobby to him. What was written inside the book is Dr Lim's unbias comments of DIYing a swiftlet farm. Partial comments and advices of his are indeed hard to find in the world of swiftlet farming !

Since Dr Lim has DIYed his own successful farms, he is certainly well qualified to author this best selling book.

Currently this is the TOP selling swiftlet farming guide book in the WORLD !


Recommended Swiftlet Farming Guide Book

Be the first to get an autographed book by Dr. Christopher Lim for only RM 80.00.
Tan Sri Dato Chong Chin Shoong, P.S.M., D.P.M.P., J.P.

"The author has convinced me that swiftlet farming is one of the few proven methods to become a millionaire landlord in Malaysia. This book has revealed the TRUE SECRETS of a swiftlet farm - a first of its kind in Malaysia. Prior to this, precious information like this is easily worth thousands of Ringgit, hence it is only affordable by the privileged few. With the publication of this book, I can now openly proclaim that everyone has a fair chance in inheriting one the most priced natural resources in Malaysia."

"Dr Lim is no doubt one of the most successful swiftlet farmers in Malaysia. This book of his is packed with excellent tips and generous insights into the highly lucrative yet secretive business of swiftlet farming. I highly recommend this book to all investors keen to increase their wealth."


"Dr Lim's frank approach and discussion in swiftlet farming has cleared a lot of unnecessary doubts and misunderstanding about farming. His book high valuable for those who are interested in gained knowlegde in this lucrative field."



" Dr Lim provides almost a step-by-step guide from start to finish, packing in facts and dispelling myths about the business. A medical doctor by profession, Dr Lim shows that the average Joe on the street, armed with the adequate knowldege, the right techniques and correct attitude, can venture into producing birds' nests, which is a multi-billion dollar industry in Asia."

From L to R : Mr Lee, Senior Manager of Maycare Sdn. Bhd., Dr Lim(author),
Tan Sri Dr Yahya Awang and his son
Source : MPH Bookstore Chain
The MUST HAVE investment book recommended by Azizi Ali

Thumb up from Dr Rozieta Shaari       (author of Raising Happy Kid)


A comprehensive and practical guide book covering the hidden secrets and strategies of modern era of swiftlet farming in Indonesia. Written by Mr. A. Hendri Mulia, one of the most respected figures in Indonesia Swiftlet Farming

This 86 pages swiftlet farming book is clearly loaded with pictures, tips and all the essential techniques needed in creating a successful swiftet farm. A must have complimentary guide to "Make Millions from Swiftlet farming".

The book is written in Malay Languague.

In this book, learn about:

The different types of swiftlet farm design in Indonesia

Case discussion of failed farms and solutions

How to attract the swiftlet by using enhanced audio system

New methods of attracting swiftlets

How to make your own bird perfume

Another must read swiftlet farming reference book that details the secrets of swiftlet farming.

This 96 pages swiftlet farming book has a good summary of tips and all the essential techniques needed in creating a successful swiftet farm. Another must have complimentary guide to "Make Millions from Swiftlet farming".

The book is written in Malay Languague.

In this book, learn about:

The unique characteristics of swiftlets

How to attract the swiftlet by using various gimmicks

How to artificially hatch swiftlets' eggs

The latest development of swiftlet farming in Indonesia

How to prepare and export your nests

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   RM35 (East Malaysia)


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Welcome to the journey of discovering one of our most precious organs - the amazing kidneys !




For centuries, it has been known that a healthy body and mind come from a heatlhy kidney. While many have been fortunate to enjoy these unique gifts, there are those who spent their life times regretting for not doing enough to prevent their kidneys from failing. After all, kidney disease is an extremely common disease with one out of ten people in today world suffer from kidney failure. It is for a fact that people who has kidney disease die younger due to accelerated heart attack or stroke.




The good news is that kidney disease is totally preventable and curable if detected early.








  1. What is the function of our kidney ?
  2. What is chronic kidney disease ?
  3. What is acute kidney disease ?
  4. Stages of chronic kidney disease
  5. How does chronic kidney disease present ?
  6. How does acute kidney disease present ?
  7. How do we look after our kidney ?
  8. What is acute kidney impairment ?
  9. The top ten misconceptions of chronic kidney impairment.
  10. How to investigate kidney impairment ?
  11. What diet is suitable for kidney disease ?
  12. Kidney replacement therapies in Malaysia .



And many more powerful health tips …………




Wait no further, this powerful book will surely propel your health to the highest level !


Cost per book including poslaju :


Rm31 : West Malaysia


Rm35 : East Malaysia



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